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People want to watch TV channels in their living room, during lunch break, in a traffic jam or even in a bathtub. Here at RACKRAY we have developed AnyScreen.tv to be a multi-screen solution that allows you to make your TV and video content easily available to your audience on any device.

The main advantage of this solution is that you can deliver your video content from a single file or source to any screen: connected TVs, PCs and laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This means your customers can watch your content whenever and wherever they like – while you retain full control over your content.


Why choose AnyScreen.tv from RACKRAY

  • Your TV or video content can be easily available to your audience on any device (smartphone, tablet, connected TVs etc.)
  • No need to have your own server and network infrastructure for this to work
  • RACKRAY offers all-in-one solution: programming, hosting and support
  • It’s easier than ever to monetize your video broadcasts using AnyScreen.tv
  • Increase your TV channel ratings
  • Increase a number of potential clients for advertising through your video content
  • An opportunity to analyze and know your audience better
  • Interactive communication with your audience


Who needs AnyScreen.tv

  • Cable TV service providers
  • Satellite TV service providers
  • Global event organizers
  • VOD services providers
  • Marketing / PR agencies

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