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RACKRAY Cloud servers is a combination of a modern IT infrastructure, reliable and fast connections, data security and high-quality customer support.

Today, in the modern world of data, cloud computing is widely used because of its amazing adaptation to any corporate IT infrastructure system. This been proved by thousands and thousands of cases, where cloud services are beating the conservative “physical server philosophy” to the point, when huge corporations are starting to rebuild most of their IT kitchen on cloud infrastructure.

We recommend choosing RACKRAY Windows or Linux Cloud Servers for projects, that require an option for fast server characteristics modification on both hardware and software levels. By choosing cloud, you are more flexible and not having to stress while you project grows exponential (or suddenly slows down). This service is not only cost-effective but in a lot of cases – time-saving and gives a client more time to concentrate on his projects strategy and implementation. Moreover, the fact that you do not need to have a lot of specific technical background and your IT staff, is mostly admired by start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Even if you have to build your project IT infrastructure from scratch, you can rely on our highly-skilled technical staff, which is always ready to help you in any specific tasks.


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