Work Area Recovery Site

Work Area Recovery Site is a solution to keep your business operational in different disruptive (flood, fire, terrorist threat etc.) events.

Following a disruption to the original site, the warm site exists so that your company can relocate with minimal losses to normal operations in the shortest recovery time.


Why choose Work Area Recovery Site from RACKRAY

RACKRAY specializes in data center services and provides different data security and backup solutions to companies across the globe. We own newly built high-tech Tier III data center in Vilnius (Lithuania) to ensure our clients’ data security and advanced 2500 m2 premises to help our international customers feel safe and keep their business running in any disruptive event that may put their work process out of balance.

A warm site in the city of Vilnius (Lithuania) will be up and running within the shortest possible period of time! Fully equipped, isolated and comfortable work desks are ready and dedicated to your company’s personnel at any time of the year, 24/7.



  • Work Area Recovery Site premises are located in the city center (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • Up to 600 fully equipped comfortable work desks can be arranged
  • Isolated work zones available (for company management, helpdesk etc.)
  • 10 minutes car ride to/from Vilnius Airport or Vilnius Railway Station
  • Uninterruptible unlimited optical internet connection and WiFi
  • Power generator to maintain uninterruptible electricity supply
  • Unlimited number of city phone lines available
  • Laptops
  • All the needed office IT infrastructure (including servers)
  • Parking lot nearby
  • Storage cabinets
  • Modern convenient office environment
Office phone (Lithuania):
+370 (5) 207 55 55

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