• IT Equipment Colocation Service
    IT Equipment Colocation Service
    RACKRAY data centers are built and maintained according to TIER III international standard. That is why we can offer and extended data security option for our clients and partners. Wide range of colocation options, ultra fast optical connections to all network exchange spots in Europe and professional 24/7 technical support will certainly guarantee high quality service to our customers.
  • Windows/Linux Cloud Servers
    Windows/Linux Cloud Servers
    Here at RACKRAY we value time and money of all our customers. For this reason, our Cloud Services will help you save money on IT infrastructure and invest in your business perspectives.
    No matter what resources you require, RACKRAY is always ready to provide you with the best offer.
  • Dedicated Unmanaged Servers
    Dedicated Unmanaged Servers
    Keeping your data in a separate physical server is becoming more and more critical in business today. At RACKRAY we do the following: provide our clients with the newest modern physical servers from worldclass manufacturers on cost-effective conditions and then, when they get old enough, upgrade them the next possible level.
  • System Administration
    System Administration
    What we do is we try to be as much professional as we can to get your technical tasks done in a time-effective manner, which, again, will save you a whole bunch of money by reducing your own technical staff and by having our system administrator working exact time you want for your project.
  • Work Area Recovery Site
    Work Area Recovery Site
    Work Area Recovery Site is a solution to keep your business operational in different disruptive (flood, fire, terrorist threat etc.) events. Following a disruption to the original site, the warm site exists so that your company can relocate with minimal losses to normal operations in the shortest recovery time.
  • AnyScreen.tv
    Here at RACKRAY we have developed AnyScreen.tv to be a multi-screen solution that allows you to make your TV and video content easily available to your audience on any device.
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